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Full Clean Centre supplies a wide range of water fed window cleaning poles to help professionals clean faster and more efficiently than ever. Offered water fed pole for window cleaning is specifically designed to clean high-rise windows as well as the ones which are positioned beyond the reach of hand-held cleaning tools. A window cleaning pole can hold a squeegee or a brush firmly so that you can clean windows effectively while standing at the ground.

Buy Window Cleaner Tools Online – Our Products

Do you run a window cleaning business? Investing in high-quality tools is essential to your success. The right cleaning equipment will help you ensure windows are spotless and gleaming. Full Clean Centre offers a wide range of premium water pole systems suitable for professional cleaning. Shop our product range today.

Full Clean Centre takes pride in providing top-quality products for commercial and residential cleaning requirements. The water fed poles that we offer do not demand any prior experience; just go through the user manual and you will be able to use the equipment like a pro.

Window Cleaning & Washing Poles

Washing Poles are an essential part of every window cleaner’s tools. We supply an extensive range of window cleaning poles from some of the top brands.

Window cleaning has never been more convenient than with a water fed cleaning pole, which is easy to assemble and even easier to store away when not in use. Using a water fed cleaning pole, you will be able to handle multiple cleaning jobs in a given time frame; hence, higher productivity.

Water Fed Poles

We supply a range of high-quality water poles. Our collection includes versatile and highly durable window cleaning tools that will aid you in providing a satisfactory cleaning service.

Full Clean Centre brings to you an innovative range of water fed poles that are made of carbon fibre and designed in such a way that you do not need prior training to operate them. Full Clean Centre looks forward to supporting your window cleaning endeavours and help you succeed in your objectives, in our own subtle ways, and providing quality equipment is one of them.

Window Cleaning Brush

We supply a range of window cleaning brushes for professional cleaners. Featuring sturdy bristles, our brushes can be connected to water-fed poles to effectively remove dirt.

With unflagged bristles and easy connector for water fed pole hose, our window cleaning brush can take stains, bird droppings and grime off your windows instantly, leaving a superior shine that stays for a long time. The brush also has integrated pencil jets that ensure necessary throughput of water to moisten the window pane for convenient cleaning.

Water Fed Window Cleaning Tools & Equipments at Cheapest Prices

We are proud to offer high-quality window cleaning tools and equipment at the best prices.

With Full Clean Centre, buying window cleaning poles is as simple and affordable as it should be. Our online presence certainly helps our customers buy authentic cleaning supplies from the comfort of their home and that too at competitive rates. With a widely established supply chain of water fed window cleaning pole, Full Clean Centre is willing and able to cater for big cleaning companies as well as independent cleaners who have just started out.