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Specilized UPVC & Window Cleaners

What is the best way to clean uPVC windows?
uPVC is a lightweight yet sturdy material that is perfect for highly durable windows. Here are some useful tips to keep your uPVC windows looking fresh.

Eliminate Dirt & Debris
Start by getting rid of any dirt and debris that might have accumulated on your windows. You use a gentle brush to efficiently remove dust particles, leaves and other debris. However, make sure you find the right brush for cleaning uPVC windows to avoid scratches.

Use Specialized Window Cleaners
While many people use dish soap mixed with warm water to clean uPVC windows, it is not the best option out there. Even though uPVC is a sturdy material, it can be damaged by chemicals. It would be best to buy specialized window cleaners to effectively clean your windows as well as prolong their life.

Wipe With a Soft Cloth
Next, use a soft cloth to wipe any stains or spots. Wipe in a circular motion to make your windows spotless. After that, you can even use paper towels or newspaper for a spotless finish. Also, you should make sure the wiping cloth is suitable for the uPVC surface, don’t use materials like wire wool or scouring pad that can irreversibly damage your windows.

Get Suitable Tools
If you have to reach a high-rise window, then make sure you have the right tools to ensure safety. In case you lack the experience, it would be better to leave high-rise window cleaning to professionals.

What is the best cleaner for uPVC windows?
If you want to clean uPVC windows, there are several recipes for homemade cleaning solutions available on the internet. However, despite being highly durable, uPVC windows can be damaged if you apply the wrong solution.

Rather than going through the hassle of concocting a solution, save your time and energy with specialized uPVC window cleaners. Full Clean Centre supplies window cleaning liquids that are effective as well as safe to use. From bird droppings to debris, our premium cleaning solutions remove all kinds of spots and stains from uPVC windows.