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SHURFLO 100 PSI / 12 Volt PUMP

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£109.00 (Ex. VAT)
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SHURFLO 100 PSI / 12 Volt PUMP

100PSI 5L Shurflo pump is the number 1 choice of water fed pole users.

100 psi maximum pressure

Suitable for use with Varistream Auto Compensating Pump Controller and Variflo

12v DC supply, with pressure cut off switch

Inline strainer, 1/2" Male NPT elbow Connections are sold in seperate listing.

How does a SHURflo pump work?
SHURflo water pumps are used for a variety of applications that require high pressure and moderate flow. It is a versatile pump that offers reliable performance. Self-priming and the ability to run dry without damage are some beneficial features of this pump. Moreover, it is a compact pump that can be mounted in any position and has minimal maintenance requirements.

If you’re looking for a multifaceted pump that’s designed for easy maintenance, then SHURflo pumps are an excellent choice. SHURflo pumps are equipped with an air-operated diaphragm that is suitable for low-flow applications such as window cleaning. It also comes with a check-in valve that prevents backflow, so you can effectively clean high-rise windows. Since these pumps can run dry, they don’t require constant lubrication. This minimises pump, motor or any other mechanical breakdowns. Lastly, SHURflo pumps have lesser mechanical parts in comparison to other similar pumps on the market. This implies SHURflo pumps rarely need repairs. Thus, further reducing the cost of repairs and maintenance.

How do you fit a SHURflo pump?
SHURflo pumps are well-known for their versatility. These pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications including, boating and window cleaning. SHURflo pumps are becoming an increasingly popular choice for window cleaners offering pure water window cleaning. The popularity of these pumps can be credited to their impressive reliability. With a few mechanical parts, SHURflo pumps save window cleaners time and money spent on pump repairs and maintenance.

To install a SHURflo pump, you need to first understand your requirements and come up with a plan. The process of installing the pump will be significantly influenced by your unique requirements. Some important factors to consider include, how high do you want to push the water from your pole, the length of the diameter line, do have a portable or fixed source of water and so on. You would need to purchase a relay and fuse block that can handle the requisite amp.