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Pump Box with 12V Battery and 70psi Pump use as a Sprayer - FullCleanCentre

£145.19 (Inc. VAT)
£120.99 (Ex. VAT)
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Pump Box with 12V Battery and 70psi Pump use as a Sprayer - FullCleanCentre

This Pump box can be cheaper alternative for window cleaning system. Box is very portable so you can take it anywthere.  Just dip suction hose in you water container, connect your water fed pole and start using it. 

Main features:

  • Five position flow controller
  • Voltmeter and charger
  • Suitable for both trolley or van mounted systems.
  • Easily portable. Take it out of the van at night to charge. 
  • Includes 2 metre suction hose with filter.
  • Long lasting battery
  • Strong pump - same us in most trolleys and Backpacks

Package Content:

  • 12 V Battery
  • 70-PSI Diaphragm pump
  • Hard Case Carrying Box
  • Accessories carrying bag
  • 6 m High pressure pipe
  • 2 m suction hose with strainer
  • Battery charger
  • Power cord for charger
  • Straight Spray Gun
  • Ball Valve Switcher
  • Single head nozzle
  • Doubel Heads nozzle
  • Three heads nozzle
  • Hoselock Female fitting


Battery 12 V/17 AH Maintenance-free Power  Storage Battery
Fuse 6 A
Charger DC 12 V/2000 MA  Automatic Saturation. Led for charging or fully charged. Once charged it goes on to trickle charge so can be left on without fear of damaging the battery.
Automatic pressure switch 70 psi (0.48 Mpa)
Flow 5.3 litres per minute on highest setting
Voltage meter Check at a glance if it needs a charge. Never be left with a flat battery again.
Input hose 2 metres
Using time after full charged Last most of a week.
Net weight 5.5 KG
Gross weight 6.7 KG
Dimension 35×21.5×52 CM