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Pro Pump FL-3203 100 PSI 5 L/Min High Pressure Diaphragm Water Pump DC 12 V Caravan Boat

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£31.99 (Ex. VAT)
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Pro Pump FL-3203 100 PSI 5 L/Min High Pressure Diaphragm Water Pump DC 12 V Caravan Boat
 ProPump FL-3203 100 PSI 5 L /Min High Pressure Diaphragm Water Pump DC 12 V :
1. Diaphragm pump combines the advantages of self-priming pump and chemical pump.
2. Using a variety of imported corrosion-resistant materials, self-priming, thermal protection, smooth operation, long-time continuous idling long-time continuous load operation.
3. Totally sealed, high stable pressure.
4. Rubber bracket can absorb vibration from the pump when working.
5. Easy to install.
6. Corrosion resistant.
7. Working medium (liquid) in the operation of the whole process did not touch the metal parts, no leaks, no mechanical seal.
8. When the water pressure is too high, pump will protect themselves and normal work, water pipes will not burst, it is safe and durable.
Volts : 12 V DC
Amps : 4.5 A
Pressure : 100 PSI ( 7.0 BAR )
Open Flow : 5.0 L(1.3 GPM)
Working medium: no oil, no strong corrosive, non-acid and alkali, without solid particles of liquid;
Ambient temperature : 4-40 degree Celsius
Size : 17.5 x 10 x 6 cm /6.88 x 3.93 x 2.36 inch
Weight : 1130 g

Additional information

1.Can not be immersed in water.
2.The pressure adjustment screw can not be adjusted. Manufacturers have adjusted the pressure, if adjusted, easy to transfer large back-flow pressure, easy to hold back burst pipes.
3.Pump inlet filter must be installed on the device, you can not enter the impurities. Otherwise, easy to plug the pump, resulting in reduced or even no water pressure
4.When installing the sprayer into the pump , please formulated thicker hose to prevent bursting. (Maximum pressure hose at least 0.75 mpa )