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£930.00 (Inc. VAT)
£775.00 (Ex. VAT)
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If you’re looking for a cost effective, lightweight gutter cleaning system then look no further. The PolarVak from PolarBrite will clean out gutters and gulleys extremely quickly saving you time and most importantly money!

The system itself is built onto a wheeled trolley which makes transportation simple and allows for easy emptying of the 60 litre hardened plastic capacity drum. The vacuum also has its own internal cyclonic system.

What do i get?

Wet & Dry Triple Vacuum Cleaner (3 Switches, 3000W, 220V)

60L Hardened Plastic Capacity Drum

16' (5M) of 51mm Vacuum Hose

Standard Crevice Tool

Carbon Fibre Pole Set

4 x 6.5' (2M)  Carbon Pole Sections

Guide Wheel on angle neck for pushing poles safely up the side of buildings for use (instead of lifting from the ground).

Waste Hose for Easy Emptying of Tank

51mm Side Inlet Cyclonic System

Air Flow: 106 L/s

Suction: 250 bar

Dry Capacity: 60L

Wet Capacity: 50L

How does it work?

The gutter cleaning system itself is very simple, simply plug the hose into the front of the machine and switch on between one and three of the vacuums depending on the power you need. Then simply connect to the hose to the length of pipes that you require.

The extremely light weight carbon fibre poles have a tapered end and simply slot into each other so you only ever have the length that you require, if you need more simply add an extra pole to the bottom.