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Numatic Henry HEPA-FLO Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Pack of 10

£7.49 (Inc. VAT)
£6.24 (Ex. VAT)
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Numatic Henry HEPA-FLO Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Pack of 10

Numatic Henry HEPA-FLO Vacuum Cleaner Bag - Pack of 10

Fits models:

Henry, Henry Plus, Henry Turbocare, Henry Turbo, Henry Blue, Henry Xtra, Henry, Hound, Henry Micro, Hetty, James, Basil, David, Edward, Nuvac, Rucksack, AV250, AVQ250, HET200, HHR200(22), HVC200, HV200, HVR200, HVR200A, HVR200(22), HVR200M(22), HVR200P, HVR200T(22), HVR204, HVR204P, HVR204T, HVX200, JVP180, JVP280, JVR225, JVC225, NB200, NNV200, NNV204, NRV200, NRV204, NST220A, NSP180A, NSP200A, NSR200A, NQS250, NQS250BNVQ200, NVQ204, NVQ250, NVQ254, NV200, NV225, NV250, NVR200, NVR225, NVR260, PSP180A, PSP200A, PVT220A, PVR200A, RSV130, RSV134, RSV200, SE250 (Numatic NVM1B, NVM1C, NVM1CH).


Also suitable for the following brands / models:

dejon mighty midget; kerstar n/10; phoenix 202; qualvac pluse blue, qual vac plus e grey; truvox v6; vaclensa proclean, pro clean; truvox v6