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Greyland Uritex 5L

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£7.38 (Ex. VAT)
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Greyland Uritex 5L

A concentrated acid cleaner capable of removing stains, heavy descaling of toilets and also cleaning drains.



Removes scale and stains from toilet bowls and urinals etc. Clears the most stubborn blockage in drains and sewage by dissolving greasy matter and removing limescale. Also a mild disinfectant and contains corrosion inhibitors to reduce attack on metal fittings.


For cleaning drains use with 1 to 4 parts of hot water. For removing stains from walls, concrete etc. Use with 1 to 4 parts of hot water and apply with a brush or spray. For removing scale from toilet bowls, urinals, gullies etc, block outlet and use 1 part in 2 to 4 parts water. Allow to soak for a few minutes, if required scrub with a brush and rinse with adequate supplies of water.