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Ettore Professional Window Cleaning kit

£196.74 (Inc. VAT)
£163.95 (Ex. VAT)
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Ettore Professional Window Cleaning kit

Ettore Window Cleaning Set

The Ettore window cleaning kit has everything that it takes to complete the arsenal of a professional window cleaner. The nylon case comes with a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry to work and keeps the containing tools in place. Full Clean Centre offers this professional window cleaning kit at highly competitive prices. Buy Now!

  • Nylon Case with shoulder strap
  • 120cm x 2 Ettore REA-C-H Telescopic pole
  • Scrapemaster scraper with replacement blades (10 pack)
  • Stainless steel squeegee channels 10/12/14/18 inch.
  • Stainless steel quick releace squeege handle.
  • Super system handle
  • 3 of each size squeegee rubbers
  • 14" Golden glove washer