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Ettore Compact Bucket with Lid

£22.79 (Inc. VAT)
£18.99 (Ex. VAT)
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Ettore Compact Bucket with Lid

Introducing Super Compact Bucket, a smaller size but designed for regular sized jobs. Able to store squeegees up to 16 inches and to fit washers up to 14 inches wide, this is the perfect smaller size bucket to carry all your tools . Even at 10l capacity, the handle has a comfortable grip. 
Please note that the lids are not 100% air-tight, so little water leakages may occur.
Safety Yellow 
Highly visible to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Ergonomic Handle 
Comfortable handle to lessen strain when carrying , even when filled with liquid.

10l Capacity
Fill up to complete your cleaning projects and when dry store squeegees, washers, scrapers, micro fiber cloths and more!

Product Dimensions 
Width: 1 7.25 in
Depth: 9.5 in
Height: 7.5 in

Please note that lid us not 100% air tight so water still could leak a little.