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Carbon Fibre Poles

Carbon Fibre Water Fed Poles

Are you looking for water-fed poles to add to your window cleaning equipment? Full Clean Centre supplies an extensive range of Carbon Fiber Water Fed poles designed to help professional cleaners efficiently clean windows.

Window cleaning equipment and technology have significantly changed over the past decade. The newest carbon fibre water-fed poles make window cleaning easier. Here are some features of carbon fibre water-fed poles that make them stand out from alternatives.

To offer smooth services without any delays, it’s crucial to invest in highly durable cleaning equipment. Purchasing flimsy tools that easily break can lead to unsatisfactory results. Moreover, repeatedly buying equipment can end up being quite expensive in the long run.

Instead of going through the hassle of constantly buying poor-quality tools, invest in a superior carbon fibre water-fed pole. Carbon fibre poles are highly durable and as strong as steel poles.

Aluminium or glass water-fed poles are heavier in comparison to carbon fibre water poles. With high-pressure water running through them, they become even more cumbersome to handle. This can cause a window cleaner to lose control. Not only can such a situation be dangerous for the cleaner but it can even damage windows.

Carbon fibre water-fed poles are lightweight and allow technicians to effectively clean windows without causing fatigue. It also ensures the safety and overall better cleaning service.

Along with carbon fibre water fed poles, Full Clean Centre offers several accessories for different applications. We supply brushes, connected and adapters to suit different cleaning requirements.

Various Sizes
Full Clean Centre offers a wide range of carbon water fed poles in various sizes. We supply 50ft, 60ft and 72 ft water fed poles. This is the perfect choice for cleaning high-rise windows in a safe and efficient manner.

Minimum Flex
If you’re going to work on high-rise windows, then flex is an important factor to consider when choosing a water fed pole. Too much flex can make a pole difficult to handle. While almost every material out there has some degree of flex, carbon fibre is one that keeps it to a minimum.

Considering the impressive durability of carbon fibre, it is a cost-effective option in the long run. Full Clean Centre supplies carbon fibre water fed poles at the best prices.

If you’re looking for a premium quality carbon fibre pole that will last a long time, you’ve come to the right place. Full Clean Centre supplies carbon fibre water fed poles that offer the perfect balance between sturdiness and weight. Feel free to contact us for any enquiries.