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Best Value Window Cleaning Set

£56.34 (Inc. VAT)
£46.95 (Ex. VAT)
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Best Value Window Cleaning Set

This kit has almost everything to start cleaning windows, bare in mind every window cleaner and every job is different so you may need few other equipments, but you know where to look for them.

  • 15L Bucket (we supply in Blue, however it might be different colour occasionally)
  • 2 section x 0.6m = 1.2m Aluminium telescopic pole (for squeegee & applicator)
  • 8" Squeegee Channel
  • 12" Squeegee Channel
  • 14" Squeegee Channel
  • 1 x Premium Squeegee handle (easy change clipless channel system)
  • Double pocket pouch with belt
  • Bucket on belt
  • Pre-washed Scrim 
  • Microfibre detailing cloth (colour may vary)
  • XL microfibre scrim 80cm x 60cm
  • 14" Blue Microfibre applicator sleeve
  • 14" T-Bar (applicator)
  • 8" Rubber
  • 12" Rubber
  • 14" Rubber
  • HG concentrated window cleaning liquid 500ml
  • Metal scraper with 10 blades