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CODE: WV-KIT230-01-051
The Streamvac™ Vacuum System revolutionising the gutter cleaning method, making the task safer, easier and faster. The Vacuum has high qualities such as:
Cyclonic inlet for increased air flow performance and non-blocking
Virtually indestructible Structofoam drum (Doesn’t collapse due to the high suction or dent when loading/unloading out of vehicles)
Drum has a dump hose and tipping function for easy emptying
Front wheels fitted with locking casters
Large rear wheels for easy manoeuvring over rough terrain
Metal Case Float Assembly
7.5mtr crush-proof hose
Can be used as a normal vacuum or a blower
Light weight carbon fibre modular poles, each weigh as little as 0.4kg!
Carbon Fibre Poles are designed to assemble as a funnel effect, increasing the suction
Avaliable in 110V and 230V

"Beat the winter and remove those Autumn leaves with Streamvac™".  Residential Gutter Cleaning Systems. An ideal complete package for the domestic cleaner with reach up to 15ft (a two storey house). Extension poles available in carbon fibre, with the options of an aluminium swan neck or a flexi-head.

Kit Comes Complete With:

  • 1x Streamvacª Gutter Cleaning Vacuum 110v/230V

  • 3 x 6ft Ultralite Modular Carbon Fibre Poles design to have the 'funnel effect'

  • 1 x 3ft Ultralite Modular Carbon Fibre Poles design to have the 'funnel effect'

  • 7.5mtr Vaclineª Crushproof Hose with rubber cuffs

  • 1 x Lightweight Alumium Gutter Atachment

  • Alumium Gulper & Crevice Tools


Delivery is 7 days from the date of payment.